Marketing Designer (Zillow/RentJuice)

Posted on: Jul 28

Location: San Francisco, CA

The RentJuice/Zillow Marketing Team is responsible for increasing the reach of our brand and generating qualified leads for our Sales Team. The responsibility of the Marketing Designer is very simple: Make sure everything that leaves our desks looks and feels beautiful. That includes our printed brochures, swag, websites, blog graphics, e-mails, landing get the idea. If you've ever been on the receiving end of a well-designed marketing campaign, you know how awesome they can be. This is your chance to be the design architect of one.

Success in this role means:

  • Driving the design of our marketing materials forward, while ensuring that all new designs fit in with our existing branding
  • Building a cache of design resources that all departments are able to leverage in creating their own materials. If every design task doesn't have to go through you at some point, you're doing it right.
  • Aggressively monitoring analytics associated with designed e-mails and landing pages, and pro-actively making changes to optimize for greater conversions
  • Growing as a marketer, and developing the capacity to contribute to other areas of our business


  • Maintaining the design of, as well as The Rental Standard (our blog)
  • Designing Landing Pages for our product and rental marketing resources
  • Developing E-mail templates for our newsletters and nurturing programs
  • Creating sales collateral for use on demos and at trade shows
  • Your responsibilities will continue to increase over time, guaranteed

What we're looking for:

  • Someone who can instantly point to their favorite websites, apps, and consumer products from a design standpoint (we'll look to your cover letter for this)
  • Digital natives with experience designing websites and printed collateral
  • A portfolio of work that shows off your design chops
  • CSS/HTML Skills. Like. A. Boss.
  • A track record of striving for continual personal and professional improvement

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