iOS Engineer @ Live Nation Labs

Posted on: Jul 14

Live Nation Labs
Location: Downtown San Francisco, CA

Who are we?
Live Nation Labs is an internal startup at Live Nation, tasked with reinventing our consumer presence online and on mobile. We are product- and user-focused with the express goal of connecting people to the world's largest stage. We are an agile group of engineers and designers, focused on making beloved products in a lean, fast-paced, and forward-thinking way.

If you're not familiar with our parent company, this listing is probably not for you (that's command-W for you mouse clickers).

Who are you?
You like a challenge. You get things done. You pay attention to detail. You've shipped an iOS app or played a significant part in shipping one. You've thought critically about what you're passionate about, and didn't think twice about applying to Live Nation Labs. You adapt to change easily and are looking for the next giant leap in your personal development. You are not looking to climb a corporate ladder, and most of all, you do not want to be a pencil pusher.

The Role:
We have a small, agile team of some brilliant nerds. We've got 2 iOS developers on hand now but we've got some big projects planned, so... well, we're going to need more hands (hopefully you counted only 4 hands there).

Bonus Points:
* A love for everything and anything music and live event related.
* TDD experience (double bonus: TDD on iOS)
* Version control experience. (we use git here.)
* Knowledge of web frameworks (the APIs our apps consume will likely be coming from an in-house app rolled in Rails, Sinatra, or node. You may be called on to contribute to / maintain said APIs.)
* Android / Windows Mobile development experience
* Demonstrated contributions to open-source software

A Few Sentence Fragments About Culture:
* Live music space (and EVERYTHING that that entails)
* Engineering-focused culture
* Balanced work/life expectations
* Creative thinking and constructive criticism is encouraged
* Learning of all kinds (incl. unrelated to work)
* We love side projects (think 20% time but more fun and less useful ;)

* We need an iOS engineer
* Lots of responsibility
* Lots of freedom
* Startup culture in a big company

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