Software Engineer, PHP/MySQL

Posted on: Jul 7

EllisLab, Inc.
Location: Anywhere, USA

At EllisLab we make _ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter, two world class web platforms that impact the lives of millions of people everyday. We are an intentionally small company that loves improving the lives of web professionals. EllisLab is looking for an exceptional developer to work on the next big thing.

You have a broad, jack-of-all-trades, flexible skill set, but a deep knowledge of your core competency. You love building software that makes a difference in the world. You are passionate about making the user experience perfect and understand that your code and your ability to work with a team is critical in making that a reality. You are self-motivated and self-directing and you don't need to have your hand held. Working from "home" appeals to you and you can legally work in the United States (citizen or Visa).

You hear phrases like "nobody has done that, it will be hard, that's a complex problem, let's simplify that, make it beautiful" and think "I can do that" because really, you live to make the seemingly impossible into something elegant and usable. This attitude shows in your daily life, not just your code.


  • User experience and performance oriented
  • Expert knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and Javascript (with and without jQuery)
  • Comfortable with various version control systems (git, svn, mercurial)
  • Solid understanding of Computer Science fundamentals
  • Familiar with all sorts of CMSs, "platforms", frameworks, blog tools
Exceptional, but Optional:

  • Have written an ExpressionEngine Add-on
  • Have written a CodeIgniter application
  • Knows at least 10 things they want to improve in an EllisLab product right now.
  • Proficiency in other scripting languages (Python, Ruby, etc)
  • Experience with Varnish, Memcached, or mobile development
  • Knowledge of uncommon APIs, such as IE's TextRange
  • Have shipped a product of any kind that required consistent follow through

Apply for this position.
To apply email Your email should include a few words about why you want to work for EllisLab. You must include two code samples. The first should be work you are not proud of. The second should be work you are exceptionally proud of.