9 random CSS Templates for free .com

Below are 9 random CSS templates that you can download for free. Use them to design your website. You can also browse all CSS templates .

Preview of "enlight" CSS Template
Template enlight
Css template | Download
Preview of "flowery" CSS Template
Template flowery
Css template | Download
Preview of "greenandred" CSS Template
Template greenandred
Css template | Download
Preview of "neonix" CSS Template
Template neonix
Css template | Download
Preview of "theacmegroup" CSS Template
Template theacmegroup
Css template | Download
Preview of "thespring" CSS Template
Template thespring
Css template | Download
Preview of "undefined" CSS Template
Template undefined
Css template | Download
Preview of "gamberetto" CSS Template
Template gamberetto
Css template | Download

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Here you'll find a lot of free CSS templates that you can download in zip file format, all of which are:

  • Released for FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license
  • Very lightweight in terms of images
  • Tables-free (ie. they use no tables for layout purposes)
  • W3C standards compliant and valid (XHTML Strict)
  • Provided with public domain photos, generously provided by PDPhoto.org and Wikimedia Commons

All of this templates are free for any type of personal or commercial use (provided you follow the license).
cheap website hosting , as well as any other expenses that might come up as we develop and promote css templates we all love.

What is a website template?

Building a website usually requires you to have a host , a design and then code your own layout, which can be a tedious task if you're not artistically inclined or familiar with HTML. Website templates take care of this for you by providing you with a fully designed and coded layout, which you can then use to build your website.

What is a CSS website template?

In the past layouts were put together with the HTML TABLE tag, which was originally meant more for holding tabulated information than showing parts of a page's actual design. However, with more standards-friendly browsers in use (such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, and IE7), more and more people are moving away from the TABLE tag and using strictly CSS for their layouts instead.

CSS makes design and overall site maintenance a lot simpler because it splits the design of your site (the stylesheet or .CSS file) from the actual content (the .HTML file) instead of mixing the two as is common with tables-based layouts. This makes your content very simple, lean, and easy to edit, with only the bare minimum markup to define logical things like paragraphs and headings. The design information is then stored in the stylesheet file, which can be edited on your host to make site-wide design changes. You can even replace it with a different stylesheet to change the design of your site -- all while keeping your content intact and unchanged!

So in short, a CSS website template serves as a starting point for building a standards-compliant, CSS-based website.If you are looking for help making the transition to CSS layout (that's Cascading Style Sheets), you've come to the right place. �CSS Templates For Free� designs don�t have to be unattractive, inaccurate and boring. Some web-sites offer high quality css templates for the best price you would ever get - for free. You can download CSS-based layouts absolutely free; furthermore, you can use them for your personal and commercial projects without any restrictions whatsoever.

What can I use to edit a CSS website template?

If you know some HTML or CSS, a text editor should do the trick.

Can I build php or asp.net websites using css templates

Yes, You Can! PHP and Asp.Net can be used of course. Css templates include pure HTML code, css files and images.
You can find free developer tools for both PHP and ASP.Net technologies.